An Argument for Agnosticism

I went to a Catholic elementary and grew up in a Catholic household, but religion and I never really clicked. That’s not to say I am or ever was actively against it. There’s something about the somber traditionalism of mass I find comforting to this day, and prayer can be a useful way to articulate concerns […]

Making a Move at the Uptown Diner

He walked into the neighborhood diner on Saturday morning not exactly dressed to impress. On his way to play some hoops, he sported athletic shorts, a baseball cap, last night’s button-up, and flip-flops. But what did it really matter? The idea was to quickly fuel up on Eggs Benedict — a dish he’d enjoyed at […]

Last Decade Was Rough One For Journalism Jobs in MN

News that Fox Sports Net is laying off all its web writers — including Tyler Mason, a respected Twins reporter who was a colleague of mine for a moment in Faribault back in 2010 — sent me down a path of Google searches that led to a recent Washington Post piece entitled, “Why the PR industry is sucking […]

Mick Jagger and the Art of Aging Well

Last night’s Rolling Stones show at TCF Bank Stadium was, in a word, incredible. Though the Stones have far too many hits for a single show, they played most all the favorites — everything from “Start Me Up” to “Brown Sugar.” And despite the fact that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Charlie Watts are all […]

Why This Vikings Fan is Giving AP the Benefit of the Doubt

Adrian Peterson said the right things during his press conference yesterday, and right now, that’s all that can be asked of him. He acknowledged it was a mistake to punish his 4-year-old son so severely that he ended up pleading guilty to assault, accepted responsibility for his actions, and said he never meant to portray himself as […]

A Sentimental Minnesota Sap Goes to the Cabin

A remarkable amount has changed in my life since Labor Day weekend, which was the last time I got to spend time at my parents’ cabin in northern Minnesota prior to this weekend. I’ve switched jobs twice since then — from City Pages to Fox 9 to working at the Capitol. But more significantly, one of […]

At the Capitol: Political Theater of the Absurd

Last night, Minnesota lawmakers behaved like college students who ignore that big paper until it’s too late. As college students in that situation are wont to do, they tried to turn something in anyway. But in this case, a whole lot more was at stake than a grade — hundreds of millions of dollars of […]

Why This Mpls Resident is Happy to Pay for Parks

One lovely summer afternoon in 2008, I walked westbound over the crest of an Uptown-area hill and felt a bit like a New World explorer as I came down the other side. In front of me was a body of water of significant size I hadn’t laid eyes on previously. Folks were running along a […]