A Sentimental Minnesota Sap Goes to the Cabin

A remarkable amount has changed in my life since Labor Day weekend, which was the last time I got to spend time at my parents’ cabin in northern Minnesota prior to this weekend. I’ve switched jobs twice since then — from City Pages to Fox 9 to working at the Capitol. But more significantly, one of […]

At the Capitol: Political Theater of the Absurd

Last night, Minnesota lawmakers behaved like college students who ignore that big paper until it’s too late. As college students in that situation are wont to do, they tried to turn something in anyway. But in this case, a whole lot more was at stake than a grade — hundreds of millions of dollars of […]

Why This Mpls Resident is Happy to Pay for Parks

One lovely summer afternoon in 2008, I walked westbound over the crest of an Uptown-area hill and felt a bit like a New World explorer as I came down the other side. In front of me was a body of water of significant size I hadn’t laid eyes on previously. Folks were running along a […]

Tribute to a Nashwauk Legend, 60 Years Later

:::: UPDATE AT BOTTOM :::: How would you feel about your life if someone told you that 25 years after it ends, a person will write a tribute to you and describe you as the “savior” that turned them around. Pretty good, right? Because as far as I can tell there aren’t many things more […]

RIP, City Pages Blogger

The Star Tribune’s purchase of City Pages is surely good news for the long-term viability of CP, and it’s also a positive development for all the editorial staffers there who weren’t laid off and will now get a raise and more job security thanks to their liberation from Voice Media Group and membership in the Strib’s […]